Recommend soap usage for HE units

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On a daily basis we hear ”I hate my front load washing machine!” After listening to many customers complaints of the unit smelling, not washing well, takes too long to spin, and it is loud and shakes too much we always ask the following question: Which detergent are you using and how much? You must use

Before calling out an Appliance technician to look at your appliance, we suggest each customer try a few common things to make sure a trip from Paul’s Certified Appliance is necessary. Is your unit plugged in and turned on? Check your breaker box to see if the breaker has tripped If dryer has stopped heating….

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Never do a self-clean on your oven before a major holiday!  As wonderful as the idea seems, self clean mode has been known to put ovens out of commission, and we want to make sure everyone has happy holidays with their families! Please also know that appliance repair is a skilled trade, with lots of

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