Are your kitchen appliances acting up?

Kitchen Appliances

Paul’s Certified Appliance can solve any of your kitchen appliance problems. From Refrigerators and dishwashers, to ovens and coffee systems, we service them all. See below for some common maintenance and repairs needed in the kitchen.

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Some simple upkeep on your unit will help keep your refrigerator running efficiently

  • Cleaning condenser
  • Cleaning drain line
  • Cleaning of drip pan
  • Manually defrosting ice build ups
  • Replacing air damper seals
  • Adjustment or replacement of doors or door gaskets



Some Common Repairs Needed Are

  • Cleaning out the pump screen
  • Cleaning block spray arms
  • Replacing water valve screens
  • Cleaning out the air gap of debris


Cooking Appliances

Ranges, Wall Ovens, Cooktops & Microwaves

  • Calibrating of oven temperature
  • Cleaning of oven inner door glass
  • Cleaning or replacement of the burners
  • Adjustment of switches and wiring
  • Lubrication of valves