Recommend soap usage for HE units

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maytag-laundryOn a daily basis we hear ”I hate my front load washing machine!

After listening to many customers complaints of the unit smelling, not washing well, takes too long to spin, and it is loud and shakes too much we always ask the following question:

Which detergent are you using and how much?

  • You must use an H.E. detergent. Failing to do so can cause not only poor wash results, but unnecessary wear and tear on the washer as well. Using too much of the H.E. detergent will also cause the same problems as well.
The theory of operation for a front loader is like the old washboard method of washing. Get the clothes soppy wet and beat them against the washboard. Same thing in the front load washer. The unit lets in a measured amount of water, just enough to get the clothes wet. The motion of the tub brings the clothes up, and drops them down against the tub and each other. The “slapping” action breaks apart the dirt, and you just need a little soap to grab the dirt and pull it out. When it comes to any new low water high efficiency washing machine, too much soap can give you poor results in your wash. There is not enough water in the wash, or the rinse to get rid of the soap. It stays in your cloths, and builds up in the outer tub. The issue just compounds itself with every load you do. Too much soap can cause all of the symptoms listed above and more.
No one gives you this information when you buy your new washer and the soap manufacturer sure isn’t going to tell you to use less. The washer manual just says use less, well, what’s less?
The rule of thumb, for any front loading washer, is as follows:
H E Detergent only
2Tbs powder
1Tbs liquid
If you use a 2x ultra:
1Tbs powder
2Tsp liquid
Dilute fabric softener 50/50 with water and no more than 1Tbs
Do not use No Spill Bleach, its too thick to work well in the dispenser drawer.
A couple of tips to close with:
Use a cleaner in your washer every 4-6 weeks to keep up with the build up that is happening on your outer tub, and keep it fresh. Keep the door open, when your through with your laundry for the day, for half an hour. And finally, wipe down the boot with a 4/1 ratio water to bleach once a week to keep the mold away. Make these few changes and within two weeks, you will notice a big difference in how your front load washer is performing

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